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Parent Council & Community Council

Parent participation is crucial for a child’s academic success. Joining the school council allows parents to work alongside educators and other parents to establish and attain school objectives. Active participation offers parents valuable insight into the educational process, fostering a sense of community and mutual involvement. Furthermore, such involvement reinforces the importance of education in the child’s life. Engaged parents can offer support where needed, advocate for school improvements, and strengthen relationships between school staff and the community to build a better learning environment for every student.



La participación de los padres es crucial para el éxito académico de un niño. Unirse al consejo escolar permite a los padres trabajar junto con los educadores y otros padres para establecer y alcanzar los objetivos escolares. La participación activa ofrece a los padres información valiosa sobre el proceso educativo, fomentando un sentido de comunidad y participación mutua. Además, dicha participación refuerza la importancia de la educación en la vida del niño. Los padres comprometidos pueden ofrecer apoyo cuando sea necesario, abogar por mejoras escolares y fortalecer las relaciones entre el personal de la escuela y la comunidad para construir un mejor ambiente de aprendizaje para cada estudiante.


Monticello Academy Council Members 
Member  Email Position
Ethan Wivietsky  ethan.wivietsky@monticelloacademy.net  Principal 
Michele Delouya-Moyal wppcpresident@monticelloacademy.net Parent Council President/Chair
Coraline Olivas       wppcvicep@monticelloacademy.net Parent Council Vice President/ Vice Chair
Jessica Goodliffe wppcsecretary@monticelloacademy.net  Parent Council Secretary
Ashlee Paxton  wppcevent@monticelloacademy.net Parent Council  Member
Branda Parker wppcvolunteer@monticelloacademy.net Parent Council Member


To reach any of our Monticello Academy Council Members, please call 801-417-8040.

Agenda/ Meetings

Current Year

Next Meeting: Wednesday March 13 2024 at 01:30pm

Date: Time: Location: Agenda Meeting Minutes 
10/02/2023 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
11/06/2023 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
12/04/2023 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
01/08/2024 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
02/05/2024 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
03/04/2024 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
04/08/2024 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  
05/09/2024 8:00 pm  Zoom Meeting  





Rules of Order and Procedure         School Success Plan School Land Trust Allocation 2022-2023:

$ 37,539.47

Parent and Family Engagement Plan de Exito Escolar


School Land Trust Plan



School Land Trust Final Report





This year’s TSSA Plan was reviewed by the Board of Trustees on September 21, 2023. It directs TSSA resources on after school programs and literacy interventions and can be found here.