Highbury Community Council

The Utah State Legislature passed a law in 2000 requiring every public school in the state to establish a School Community Council (Utah Code. Section 53A-1a-108). The Community Council helps guide expenditures from the state’s School Land Trust. For more information on School Community Councils, please visit http://www.schoollandtrust.org/.

The Monticello Academy Community Council consists of:

Chair – Sarah Gibson (Parent Council President) – parent.council@monticelloacademy.net

Andrea Wright – Vice President
Irais Driotez- Treasurer
Valentine Ataata-Secretery
Lindsey Heinig- Principal

Upcoming Community Council Meetings (2022-2023):

March 9

Please contact parent.council@monticelloacademy.net for more details


  • Review the 22-23 year land trust plan/review status
  • Digital citizenship update
  • Safety update

Please check your parent emails sent out each Friday by the school Director for upcoming dates.

Current Trust Land Plan:

Our current land trust funding is being used to support math achievement in the school. We are using trust land funds to support the addition of two math instructors. In grades 5-8, each grade level now has one dedicated math teacher. In addition, a teacher with Singapore Math expertise is serving as a math coach to provide additional support to teachers in grades K-4.

To view our current land trust plan, how much funding we receive from the program, and the land trust reports from former years, click here.

Any parents interested in serving on the community council can contact lindsey.heinig@monticelloacademy.net for more information.

Next Meeting Notice

The Community Council will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 9th from 7:30-8:00 via zoom. This meeting is open to the public. A zoom link will be sent out in parent emails.


-Draft for the 23/24 plan

-Edit/Update the 23/24 plan

-Vote on the 23/24 plan (Community council members only)

-Digital citizenship update/questions

-Safety questions/concerns

-Parent council items if time allows

2022-2023 Proposed Meeting Schedule:

Meetings will be via zoom and a link will be sent out to your parent email.

Meetings will be on the first Thursday of December and March

All are welcome

If you have any questions please reach out to any of the community council members

Community Council Meeting Minutes

3/9/23 meeting minutes

3/9 /23 slides

12/1/2022 meeting minutes

12/1/2022  slides

03/24/2022 meeting minutes

11/4/2021 meeting minutes

Monticello Academy Highbury Rules of Order


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