Apply Now! Highbury(West Valley Campus) K-8th Grade or West Point (Davis County) K-6th Grade

West Point Campus

West Point Campus

Apply Now! Highbury(West Valley Campus) K-8th Grade or West Point (Davis County) K-6th Grade

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COVID-19 Update: Our health plan has resulted in remarkably few cases of coronavirus, even as schools around us close. Perhaps the most important part of the plan is that we disinfect the air we breathe using ionized hydrogen peroxide, which kills all airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. 

Students now attend school five days per week.

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Now accepting applications for fall 2021!

Applications for the current school year are also being accepted.

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Our West Point Campus

3110 W 300 N
West Point, UT 84015

Phone Number:
(801) 417 8040


Revisions made to School Calendar and Board Approved 2/21/2020

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Contact us today to learn more about our  campus and find out how your child could benefit from a Monticello Academy education.

Monticello Academy West Point Community Council (LAND Trust)


By Board of Trustees designation, our elected Parent Council serves as our Community Council. Membership includes:

Micah Murdockmurdock.micah@gmail.com801-471-8040Chair (Parent)
Patrick Oliversonpatrick.oliverson@gmail.com801-417-8040Vice Chair (Parent)
Anna Longanna.long@monticelloacademy.net801-417-8040Principal / Director
Michele Delouya-moyalmmdelouya@gmail.com801-417-8040Secretary
Hayley Gosselinhayley.gosselin@monticelloacademy.netSchool Employee
Timothy Elliottimscoolemailaddress@gmail.comParent
Heather Robinsonhabntng@yahoo.comParent

The Parent Council/Community Council will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Zoom participation is available. Reach out to the chair of the council for information about how to join! The Parent Council follows the Roberts Rules of Order.

West Point Campus 

Lockers. Science Room. Gymnasium.

May 2020 Updated Tour

Take a look and see how much change has happened since our last tour. 

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