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Monticello Academy Spirit Week Activities - March 24th - 28th

Creating a sense of spirit, unity, tradition and fun

Monticello Minutemen have VALOR:


Academic Achievement

Love of Learning



Modesty is paramount.  All dress must be modest, appropriate, and consistent with the school uniform. Skirts must be past the knee.

Most of the days involve you changing ONE part of your uniform. Please make sure you are following uniform guidelines otherwise.

If you do not participate, you need to remain in full uniform and every other part of your outfit should follow dress code.

Students who are not following dress code will be required to change!

If you have any questions please ask Mrs. Constant or Mrs. Heinig

Monday, March 24th Theme: Vision

Job Interview Day – Minutemen have a vision of what they want to be when they grow up. Pretend you are going on your interview! Wear your most professional outfit! You need to be dressed head to toe professional- slacks or skirts- past the knee-for girls, button up shirts and no sneakers. A tie and jacket, optional.

Before School Activity: The students from concert band will be preforming in the gym from 7:35-8:00. Come enjoy the music and support the arts!

Tuesday, March 25th Theme: Academic Achievement

College preparation – We are preparing our students to go on to the college of their choice! Please wear a shirt representing your favorite college (Plain, solid COLORED shirts ARE allowed –no white). You must be in complete uniform except for your shirt.

Before School Activity: To showcase our technology we will be having a robot battle in the gym from 7:40-7:55. Come root for your favorite robot built by the Lego Robotics Club!

Wednesday, March 26th Theme: Love of Learning

Artistic Accessories Day – Students at Monticello have the unique opportunity to gain a strong background in the arts, PE and Foreign language. All of these are skills and interests they can continue to develop throughout their lives. Show your artistic side by wearing a funky hat, cool shoes, an interesting tie or silly socks. Choose one! You must be in complete uniform except for your single accessory.

Before School Activity: Make your mark on a school-wide mural! Come to the kiva to add your artistic spirit from 7:35-7:55 with the National Junior Art Honors Society.

All day long: Students from choir and orchestra will be serenading classes who have signed up to have “brain breaks” and listen to our amazing music classes!

Thursday, March 27th Theme: Ownership

Class Unity Day – Minutemen take pride in who they are and are proud to be in classes together. Team up with your classmates and show your spirit! Each grade wears a different solid colored shirt- who will win? You must be in complete uniform except for your solid colored, plain shirt.

K- Purple






6- Brown

7- Grey



Before School Activity: Mentor read-a-thon! All ages join in the library from 7:35-7:55 to pair up and have older students read to younger students sponsored by the Monticello Library.

Today's Spirit Week after school activities have been canceled due to the inclement weather. 

Friday, March 28th Theme: Respect

Monticello Day – Monticello students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and are proud of what makes them unique! We want to show our respect for all of the cultures of Monticello by wearing one item from our culture or another culture we respect. An interesting hat, shoes, jacket, sarong, necklace or any other cultural item can be worn on top of your uniform today to show your pride!

After School Activity: Faculty vs. Students soccer game. Come out to the field directly after school from 1:00-2:00 to cheer on your favorite teachers and soccer stars!  The cheer team will be there to pump up the crowd as well!

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