Parent Council Candidates

Kirsi Driscoll:
I'm Kirsi Driscoll, I have 2 daughters, both attend Monticello in 2nd and 5th grade.  I would like to serve as a member of the Parent Council primarily because I believe that I could help organize and advertise Council activities.  I am a UX designer, and I have skills in illustration, and in designing both print and web marketing materials, including brochures, emails, posters, and web sites.  If elected, I plan to help however I can with current projects, and lend my experience and background to the ideas already in place in parent council. I'm a single parent, which can be tough, but I think it also gives me a unique perspective that could help more parents feel included in and informed about activities.
—Kirsi Driscoll

Crystal Winget:
My name is Crystal Winget. I have one child currently attending Monticello academy. I'd love to be considered for the open council position. My schedule may not be quite as open as most but offer any of my spare time. I work Monday - Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. As a legal assistant to a SLC attorney. Any opportunity to help my child / Monticello thrive is something I take seriously. As parents we want to see our children succeed and have proper resources to do so. I am very creative,outgoing and resourceful. I'd like to see our fundraisers be more profitable and get parents excited to be involved. Even though, I am completely new to this, I have no doubt I can be of help. Please reach out to me with any other questions.
Thank you,
Crystal Winget
Christi Howard:

My name is Christi Howard. I am writing this email to apply for the open position for the Parent Council. 

I have 2 children currently attending Monticello. My son Tyler will be in 3rd grade, and my sweet little firecracker Ashley will be starting Kindergarten this year. 

In thinking about applying, many things came to mind. I would love to get more involved in the school and help in any way I am able. I would like to help be a positive influence on our school and help make this year amazing and memorable for our students. I would be happy to offer my help & assistance to the current Council members. I have witnessed how hard they work and the countless hours of service they provide to our wonderful students. It would be an honor to serve with them.

I have some experience with party and event planning ranging from assisting with planning and hosting employee parties and gatherings, family parties, serving as the Kitchen Coordinator for my church, to doing something crazy like being the Wedding Planner/Coordinator for a friend's wedding. I also am team captain/manager for my adult indoor soccer team (Go Team Nerd Herders!)

I am easy going and like to have fun while working hard to make events the best they can be. It would be my pleasure to serve on the Parent Council and give back to our amazing school and community. And it would be a lot of fun partying with the council members ;0).

Thank you for your consideration.

Christi Howard
Allie Webb:
I am interested in joining the parent council with Monticello Academy. This is our first year attending and are we super stoked. I believe I would be a great fit for the council as I am an outgoing person, love to help, love kids and meeting/engaging with the families that are part of my son's life when I am not around. My downfall is: I am not a very good cook (and when I say not very good I mean terrible- we are thankful for my husband come dinner time J) but I do buy some delicious treats! 
Allie Webb

Last Updated: 09/07/2016
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