New Parent Council Members

We have now filled all remaining spots for serving on the 2015-2016 school year Parent Council at Monticello Academy.  We are so excited to have so many people that are wanting to take part in the council this year.  Lots of new fresh faces and ideas. There are a few familiar faces returning this year.  Emily Winmill (President), Suzanne Graham (VP), and Phu Le (Secretary).  We are grateful for each of your decisions to join and contribute to the Parent Council for the upcoming year.  We want to welcome: Adrianne Page, Belinda Langford, Erandy Hernandez, Connie Lemon, and Kassandra Bryant.  Thank you for volunteering. Please contact Parent Council at with any questions.

Belinda Langford

My name is Belinda Langford and my only son Jayden will be attending his first year of school with Monticello.  I would love to serve as a member of the Parent Council because I am a parent who likes to be involved with my sons life.  I also have very good relations with other children and parents alike.  I do play well with others.  I feel that I would be a wonderful asset to the Council because I am currently the President of our Employee Association which includes planning parties for retirement, birthdays, and listed life events.  I was also a chair person on a Fun Committee at my last employer where we held events such as an Angel Tree, a Minute to Win it challenge, and many more events.   My friends would call me "the party planner" for their children's birthday parties.  Ideas might include more events costing little but incorporating a learning experience within, for example: fund raisers that have the children collect monies together as a team.  This would teach our children to work within a team environment.  I have many ideas but do not know yet what all has already been tested.  I would be honored to become part of the Parent Council.  Thank you for allowing my child this opportunity to attend your wonderful school and for extending this invitation for participants within the Parent Council.

Belinda Langford


Adrianne Page

My name is Adrianne Page, and I will have one child attending kindergarten this coming school year. We're so excited that we were chosen to attend Monticello Academy. 
I would love to serve on the parent council because sitting in orientation last week really got me excited about what you guys do and all of the activities and planning t
hat you do for the staff. I am always looking for fun and exciting things to do. 
Attributes and skills that I would like to provide would be...
-Some graphic designing
-I have a side business of doing wedding invitations, graduation announcements, posters etc.
-I get along well 
with my peers and I absolutely love meeting new people. I'm very easy to talk to. 
-I am a party planner as well, so anytime there is a party going on definitely include me with decorations, food etc.
-I work at ARUP laboratories so I could ask them to come help with blood drives, Health and safety fair if the school would like more or new venders. 
Ideas and plans that I would like to bring would possibly be like I had mentioned above that I work for ARUP laboratories and could ask them if they would be willing to help with the blood drive and the health/safety fair. New ideas for school events, parties, SEP meals and whatever else we can brain storm together. 
Thank you for
 the opportunity to apply for Parent Council. 
Adrianne Page 

Connie Lemon

Hello, my name is Connie Lemon.  I have two daughters who currently attend Monticello Academy. In 2015-16 they will be in 7th and 9th grades. This will be their fifth year at MA. 
I would like to be a member of the Parent Council because I have always enjoyed being involved with my children's education, but life circumstances have made it so I could not volunteer as much as I'd like. Now my children are older and I feel I can give more to help out where needed. This year I have been a volunteer for Carpool one day per week. 
I am a fairly easy-going person. I enjoy learning new things. I love being involved, when possible. I can't say I bring any outstanding abilities, other than I will be there when I am expected and will do what I am expected to do. I served on the PTA board at their former school. Being a Healthy Coach and mother of 5 children requires a lot of various abilities, these I strive to perform well and will do the same for the school.
I look forward to serving on the Council to help in any way possible. I will provide help and feedback for what I feel has worked well during the past four years and ways to help things improve.
Connie Lemon

Erandy Hernandez


Dear Parent Council and Monticello Staff,

My name is Erandy Hernandez and I have one child going into first grade this fall.  

During this past school year I was able to help the parent council at some of the events and I really enjoyed my time helping and getting involved with my child's school.  Being a part of the parent council will give me the opportunity to be closer to my students environment.  I feel that getting involved with the school activities will make me feel more a part of my daughters education but it would also help my child take pride in her school even more.  

For the past 7 years I have worked in the human resource field and I feel that this helps me relate to people and work well with others.  At my previous job I was responsible for planning all company activities and I hosted company holiday parties and also helped with the organization of customer appreciation events.  During my high school years I was vice president of my schools student government and President of multiple clubs.  I hosted school dances, lunch school dances and many other activities to raise money for our school and individual clubs.  

I have a lot of ideas that would hopefully help include the older kids into school functions.  I don't know in what areas the school wants to make changes or how many more activities they are willing to add.  I feel that I could better elaborate on my ideas if i had the opportunity to be a part of the parent council and we put are heads together.

Thank you for considering me for a Parent Council position.

Erandy Hernandez

Kassandra Bryant

My name is Kassandra Bryant, my daughter will be starting the second grade.  I would love to serve on the parent council because it's a great opportunity to be more involved with my child's education. 

I am very active with my community and am currently on the Magna Town Council, Magna's Youth Council and Magna's 4th of July Committee. I have enjoyed meeting people along the way have made great connections that I hope to bring to the table. 

We have loved being part of Monticello Academy.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you,
Kassandra Bryant 

Returning Parent Council Members


Emily Winmill - President


Suzanne Graham - Vice President


 Phu Le - Secretary              

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